Athyrium - Our Funds


In November 2017, Athyrium announced a final closing for the Athyrium Opportunities Fund III ("AOF III" or the "Fund"). The Fund has $2,025,000,000 of committed capital. The Fund is focused on making structured investments in the broader healthcare and life sciences sectors including: pharmaceuticals, biologics, biotechnology, specialty and generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices and products, laboratory and diagnostics products and services, healthcare services, and healthcare information technology.

The Fund is focused on generating current income and capital gains and has significant flexibility in structuring its investments–possible transaction structures include: loans or other high-yielding credit investments with or without warrant coverage, royalties or royalty-backed investments, structured securities, preferred stock, or convertible securities.

The Fund seeks to make attractive risk-adjusted returns and looks to partner with management teams and to provide long term capital to assist in building their businesses. The Fund can also engage in secondary market transactions.

AOF III is a successor fund to the Athyrium Opportunities Fund ("AOF I"), which had a final closing in March 2013 with $507,000,000 of committed capital, and Athyrium Opportunities Fund II ("AOF II"), which had a final closing in May 2015 with $1,227,250,000 of committed capital.

Separate Accounts

Since its founding, Athyrium has formed a number of separate account relationships in order to focus on specific opportunities within the life sciences sector.

NB Athyrium LLC served as a predecessor to the Athyrium Opportunities Fund.