Athyrium - An Overview

Athyrium Capital Management, LP ("Athyrium") is a specialized asset management company formed in 2008 to focus on investment opportunities in the global healthcare sector.

Athyrium is a registered investment adviser under Section 203 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

The Athyrium team has substantial investment experience in the healthcare sector across a wide range of asset classes including public equity, private equity, fixed income, royalties, and other structured securities.

Athyrium invests across all healthcare verticals including biopharma, medical devices and products, and healthcare services. The team partners with management teams to implement creative financing solutions to companies’ capital needs.

Athyrium advises funds with over $4.5 billion of committed capital. We value our investors and are thankful for the trust they have placed in us. Our investors consist of public and corporate pension funds, charitable endowments, insurance companies, funds-of-funds, family offices, university endowments, and sovereign wealth funds.